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We have planned all inclusive vacations, family vacations, group cruises, and have been planning travel for family for 20 years.

From Australia to China, Japan to Hawaii, we have planned everything from a budget hotel to the finest five star accomodation. Let our experience work for you so you don't have to do the work!

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Travel Bee Vacations is a small agency, with a love and passion for travel. I , Belinda have been planning travel for my family for 20 years and have helped plan travel for many others. I have always loved to see new places and explore the farthest reaches of our beautiful world. With this in mind and all of the experiences and passion Travel Bee Vacations was born. They've attended 2 years of school and continuous on going training: see our certifications. We will strive to plan and achieve the best value for your dollar and the best vacation for your family. Memories are are worth more than all the material things we have . We help you build memories with your great vacations!

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